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Barge Hits Louisiana Pipeline; Starts Fire

Coast Guard officials rushed to the scene last night when a tug boat that was pushing an oil barge struck a gas pipeline in Louisiana. According to reports, authorities do not believe that the barge was leaking its cargo oil, but the gas pipeline burst and sent liquid all over the Bayou Perot. This marshy area about 30 miles south of New Orleans is now ablaze as officials try to douse the fire that resulted from the lead. There is an oil sheen that is visible for over a mile at the accident site.

No evacuations were made in connection with the incident, because the Bayou Perot is considered a low population area. There were four people that were aboard the tug when the accident occurred and all four reported injuries after the collision. One of the crew members was severely injured. The pipeline that was hit carried liquefied petroleum gas and was owned by Chevron. Officials say that the gas that was left in the pipeline would be able to burn itself out. Because the cargo ship was not leaking its oil, many assume that the accident will be under control in short order.

Accidents like this can bring about offshore injuries and they can be very serious. Workers who are on the vessels affected deserve compensation for their injuries and should not need to cover their own medical bills if they were hurt while on the job. As well, anyone who is harmed by the environmental effects of an oil spill should be able to trace the accident back to a responsible party and obtain compensation from that party as a result. With the right lawyer on your side, you can prove that you deserve reimbursement for your medical bills and injuries.

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