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Suit Filed for Jones Act Injured Seaman

Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, and another attorney from Arnold & Itkin have filed suit on behalf of an injured Jones Act seaman who was harmed in two incidents. The plaintiff experienced his first injury after his supervisor directed crew members to pull equipment up out of the water manually. During the equipment retrieval process, the plaintiff experienced a severe shoulder injury as his bicep was torn from the heavy lifting. The injury to his shoulder was so severe that he was required to undergo surgery for repairs. Once the doctors approved for the plaintiff to return to work after healing from the first incident, he then experienced his second workplace injury when he was yet again instructed to lift heavy equipment, using some mechanical assistance, along with other crew members. During this process, the equipment then placed excess force onto his torso which then resulted in a number of ribs being broken. The case is currently pending in Harris County, Texas.

If you or a loved one has been injured on the job, do not hesitate in taking legal action against those responsible for your pain and suffering. Maritime workers lives are continually being placed in danger while on the job, which is why it is so essential that employers take every possible measure to prove a safe workplace for their workers. Sadly, when workers are required to manually lift extremely heavy equipment, without the help of the necessary tools or equipment, this can cause not only severe injuries, but also continued suffering down the road for the injured worker. In many cases, muscle tears can heal, though they may never be the same again. Unfortunately, the victim above then sustained a second injury, which can result in not only extensive medical bills, but also time off of work and lost wages, among other consequences of the injury.

In the event of a maritime injury, please contact a trusted Jones Act lawyer today at Arnold & Itkin for the legal representation you need on your side!

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