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Arnold & Itkin File Suit for Injured Offshore Worker

Recently, attorneys at Arnold & Itkin LLP chose to file suit for an offshore worker who was injured while on the job. The worker was doing his daily duties when a faulty winch unwound. The worker was in a basket in the process of a transfer, but the unwound winch caused the individual to fall. When he fell to the ground in the basket, it suffered serious injuries.

The accident could have been avoided, and investigations prove that the crane operator was negligent when operating the crane during transfer. Had he inspected the winch or operated the machinery with more caution, the victim could have been spared extreme suffering and injury.

Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, and another attorney from Arnold & Itkin are all working on the case, which is pending in a District Court in the Southern District of Texas. The attorneys at Arnold & Itkin are focused on filing suit for injured victims and proving that another party was negligent when circumstances permit. The lawyers at Arnold & Itkin want to hold offenders accountable so that they will be motivated to practice safety precautions. Also, Arnold & Itkin hopes that their lawsuits can help to encourage offshore operations to put safety first.

Crane operations can be extremely risky, and oftentimes people are injured when something goes awry. If you are the victim of a crane operations' incident like this one, don't hesitate to get an offshore injury lawyer at Arnold & Itkin on your side. These Houston personal injury attorneys will come alongside you and work through your case. They want to carefully guide you through your lawsuit as you recover from your extreme injuries. Hire Arnold & Itkin LLP today if you are an offshore worker who was recently injured on the job and wants to seek damages!

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