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Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, and another attorney from Arnold & Itkin have filed suit on behalf of an injured oil barge employee who sustained injuries after falling down a stair well in 2012. The barge worker was unaware at the time that the stairs were heavily coated with oil, which lead to his slip and fall accident. As a result of this incident, lawyers at Arnold & Itkin have filed a ...
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Arnold & Itkin LLP have filed suit on behalf of an offshore injury worker who was seriously injured after he fell from a catwalk while on the job. The oceaneering employee was working on the MSV OLYMPIC INTERVENTION IV at the time of the accident. He was moving down a catwalk when he fell, seriously hurting his back in the process. Arnold & Itkin will help the client by arguing on his behalf. They ...
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Recently, attorneys at Arnold & Itkin LLP chose to file suit for an offshore worker who was injured while on the job. The worker was doing his daily duties when a faulty winch unwound. The worker was in a basket in the process of a transfer, but the unwound winch caused the individual to fall. When he fell to the ground in the basket, it suffered serious injuries. The accident could have been ...
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On Monday, July 8, five offshore workers were evacuated from a platform in the Gulf of Mexico after it was found to be leaking. At the time of the incident, the workers were attempting to plug and abandon a platform which had been inactive for fifteen years. While working, they noted that saltwater that contained natural gas and light condensate was beginning to flow from the well. Talos Energy ...
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