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Suit Filed on Behalf on Jones Act Seaman After Sinking Ship Injuries

A Jones Act seaman was recently injured after his offshore vessel, the RV Seaprobe, sunk just 150 miles off of the coast of Alabama. Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, and another attorney from Arnold & Itkin will be representing the victim as they pursue a lawsuit for wrongful injuries against Fugro-McClelland. The lawsuit seeks to hold the company responsible for the pain and suffering the victim has experienced as a result of the accident, while seeking to recover financial compensation on his behalf as well. Remarkably, even after years of warnings and notice from safety and maintenance inspectors, Fugro countlessly failed to properly maintain their vessel. As a result of Fugro's negligence and careless lack of upkeep; the ship sank causing the offshore workers to have their lives placed in grave danger.

These workers were eventually rescued by the United States Coast Guard, though had they not arrived on time the results could have been fatal. The Jones Act seaman being represented by the firm claims that not only did he sustain physical injuries from the sinking ship, but he is now forced to suffer from psychological injuries as well from the accident. In many cases, time can heal the physical injuries that are caused by an accident; however the mind can be a tricky thing, and this victim may have to spend the rest of his life suffering from the events that he was forced to experience. The legal team at the firm will have the opportunity to fight for monetary compensation for both the physical and psychological suffering that he experienced. In many offshore injury cases there will be significant medical bills and lost wages; and in this victim's case, the loss of enjoyment of life as well.

Offshore workers are daily placing their lives on the line in order to accomplish very difficult and dangerous tasks. For this reason it is the duty of the company owners and management to ensure that their employees are kept safe in the areas that can be controlled. For example, maintenance upkeep is a vital aspect of a safe vessel, and when Fugro-McClelland failed to do so it resulted in the sinking of their ship and the injuries of their employees. If you or someone you know has been recently injured in a similar offshore accident, contact Arnold & Itkin today for the Jones Act attorney that you deserve to have on your side. Our firm is uniquely equipped to help Jones Act seamen who are victims of wrongful injury, and we want to represent you as well. Call us today to learn more about how we can fight on your behalf.

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