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Lawsuit Filed for Longshoreman Slip & Fall Injury

Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, and another attorney from Arnold & Itkin are representing longshoreman who was involved in a slip and fall accident, resulting in severe injuries. The plaintiff suffered from fractured bones in his wrist and his ankle, as well as numerous other injuries, after falling over 20 feet from the vessel's deck.The conditions on the vessel were extremely slippery; and according to the citations given by OSHA, the company failed to install the necessary railings that would have prevented this very accident from occurring.

OSHA fined the defendants for their lack of providing a safe environment for their employees by means of the dangerously slippery conditions as well as the absence of railing protection. The case is currently pending in the Southern District of Texas, Galveston Division.Far too many accidents and injuries occur offshore as a result of employer negligence, similar to that of this plaintiff.

In many cases by an employer not providing their workers with a safe environment in an already dangerous workplace, they are asking for a disaster; at the expense of their own employees. Whether these accidents are caused by a slippery floor, a lack of railings on ledges, failure to upkeep the machinery or something else; workers are having their lives put in danger.

If you or someone you know has been injured or killed in an offshore injury accident; contact the best offshore injury lawyer in the area at Arnold & Itkin. Attorneys at our firm are highly experienced in the area of maritime law and they will do whatever it takes to properly represent your case and fight for the monetary compensation you deserve. Whether your injuries are minor to life-threatening, our legal team wants to help you; call us today to discuss your case!

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