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Arnold & Itkin File Suit for Injured Longshoreman

The maritime attorneys Jason Itkin and Cory Itkin recently filed a case on behalf of an ILA #24 longshoreman who was injured in an accident while performing his job duties. The longshoreman was involved in an accident that occurred while he was in the container ship's hold, unloading cargo from the ship. While the longshoreman was in the hold, the ship's mate closed a hatch door which made the holding area dark. Because of the low light, a fork lift driver that was nearby failed to see the longshoreman and ran into him. The accident crushed the longshoreman's pelvis. This accident was completely avoidable, which is why our firm is filing a lawsuit for this man. Arnold & Itkin is passionate about the rights of seamen and longshoreman, and is proud to represent them so that they can get their due compensation. If a similar accident caused you injury, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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