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West Delta 32 Deaths Now Total Three

Three crew members have died as a result of the West Delta 32 explosion and fire, news sources report. According to one article, the Philippine Embassy in Washington announced the death of another West Delta 32 platform worker. The platform worker went missing after the explosion and was discovered several days ago about 2.5 mils off of the Grand Isle coast. Although the body was identified by the Coroner's Office of Law Fourche Paris in Louisiana on November 26th, the diplomatic post chose to announce the death after the man's family was notified. Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia Jr. told the platform workers family about the discovery. "We are deeply saddened to learn that we lost our kababayan…" he said in a press release, "…We console ourselves with the thought that [he] has been found and will be reunited with his loved ones."

The body was discovered by crewmembers on a supply ship only three days after another member of the crew died from complications related to severe burn injuries he sustained in the explosion. Additionally, three more of the Filipino platform workers are in the hospital for similar injuries. Two of these workers are in critical condition. Although little is known about the explosion, a spokesman for the Embassy of the Philippines said that the platform employees were not responsible for the explosion and resulting fire. The Philippine government will continue to help the workers injured in the accident and their families. According to the Philippine Consulate General in Chicago, the families of the survivors went back to the Philippines last week. Diplomats, hospitals and Grand Isle Shipyard, Inc. are coordinating to help the victims of the explosion and their families. Contact an offshore injury attorney from Arnold & Itkin to learn more about offshore accidents, offshore workers' rights and personal injury compensation.

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