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Italian Cruise Runs Aground; 24 People Still Missing

On Friday, January 13, on the first day of its week-long Mediterranean cruise, an Italian cruise ship called the Costa Concordia ran aground near the reef off of Isola del Giglio. There was an estimated 2,300 passengers and 1,000 crew members aboard the ship – 123 of those being Americans. Officially, five people have been confirmed as dead, sixty have been injured and there are still an estimated twenty-four who are not accounted for.

Those who have survived the wreck have stated that there were no clear instructions given from the crew to outline proper safety protocol. It was also noted that by the time that the rescue vessels were being lowered, the ship had begun to list so heavily that they were unable to be released - leaving many people to slide down a rope off the side of the ship and many simply opting to swim to the shore.

The captain of the ship has since been arrested for alleged multiple manslaughter, abandoning a ship and the causing of a shipwreck. The captain, however, has claimed that the ship was running smoothly on course when it hit a submerged rock and has also since said in his defense that he was the last person to leave the ship. Prosecutors have argued that the ship had been off-course at the time of the incident and had been dangerously close to the coast - 492 feet according to the black box recovered from the ship.

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