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Supply Ship Hits Offshore Oil Rig

At an oil rig off the shore of Newfoundland, a supplier ship has struck one of the eight legs of the oil rig GSF Grand Banks. Reports have noted that both the ship and the oil rig were immediately stabilized, as the damage was above the water line on both vessels. Damage was, fortunately, limited to watertight compartments.

The reports have also noted that there were no injuries and no environmental impact, and that the rig is being shut down temporarily for repairs to the four to five meter hole at the point of impact.

An investigation will be conducted surrounding the accident, looking into weather conditions as a possible factor for the accident.

While this accident did not result in serious damages or injuries for any passengers or oil rig workers, some accidents have catastrophic results. If you or your loved one has been injured while working on an oil rig or a vessel, do not hesitate to contact an offshore injury attorney from Arnold & Itkin LLP.

The legal team at our law firm can help you understand the rights you have to file a claim against your employer or a negligent crew member. You will need this compensation to help fund the recovery process after you have been injured; without it, you may face excessive debt up to millions of dollars.

Additionally, you may be persuaded into taking responsibility for additional damages caused during the accident. Having an offshore injury lawyer on your case sooner rather than later can prove to be extremely beneficial, especially one that has extensive experience in this area of the law.

At our law firm, we have recovered over $100 million in favorable settlements and verdicts for our clients throughout the United States and at offshore work sites, including ships, shipyards and oil rigs. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your injury or wrongful death case.

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