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Platform Supply Vessel: Pros & Cons

A new platform design for supply vessels has been designed by Damen Shipyards in the Netherlands. A number of the vessels are planned to launch in early 2013, all of which will boast the updated supply design.

Under the design's new implements, adverse weather conditions should be no problem for the PSV 3300 E3. Still under construction in Galati, Romania (the location of Damen's shipyard), the intention of the new vessels is to efficiently deliver supplies and goods no matter the conditions. No longer should the weather or anything else be a hindrance to the delivery of goods and services to rigs.

Along with an improvement to speed performance, the new vessels will also be able to carry up to 10% more cargo than the former vessels produced by Damen. The ships will have the same engine size but they will be larger vessels (80 meters in length, with 700 square meters of main deck space). Therefore, it has been projected that savings will be seen in the costs of fuel and the emissions produced.

However, what has been overlooked is the danger to seamen, harbor workers and the like that the efficiency and convenience of this new vessel may bring about. For example, dedicated delivery of goods is less than helpful when it compromises the rights and safety of offshore workers. Working through any less than ideal weather conditions could easily lead to catastrophic accidents that result in serious injuries and fatalities. How important is speediness and convenience when it compromises the lives of those involved?

Maritime laws have been created to protect the safety and wellbeing of longshoremen throughout the world, and an offshore personal injury lawyer can help ensure that no one is made to suffer unnecessarily. At Arnold & Itkin, there is no question as to the need for vigilance and aggressiveness when it comes to defending the rights of offshore works who may have been taken advantage of. The firm's team has successfully won many clients the compensation they need to adequately recover from any medical bills and physical disabilities that may have been acquired after an offshore accident.

To further discuss the details of your case and how you can be helped by a professional, contact an offshore injury attorney today.

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