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Suit Filed on Behalf of Injured Offshore Worker

Attorney Kurt Arnold and another attorney from Arnold & Itkin are currently dealing with a pending case in Galveston County Court after filing on behalf of an injured offshore worker. It is reported that the plaintiff in question suffered neck and shoulder injuries after an improperly drained pump blew out of its position and hit the worker. Our legal team is arguing that the employer, McMoRan Exploration and Powerhouse Mechanics, are liable for the injuries as they had not properly maintained the drain.

Have you been injured in a similar incident? No matter whether you're a seaman, longshoreman or if you are a harbor worker, you can be confident knowing that an offshore injury lawyer from Arnold & Itkin will be there to help you defend your legal rights. To learn more about how we can help you to combat criminal charges, contact an offshore injury attorney from our legal team today!

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