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Spartan Offshore Drilling

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Spartan Offshore Drilling, LLC provides offshore jack-up rigs to oil drilling companies. The company, known as Blake Offshore until 2009, is based in Louisiana and operates in the Gulf of Mexico and the Cook Inlet in Alaska. The company is unique as it is one of the only privately-held jack-up rig provider in the United States. The company asserts that it can focus on customer experience because it is not a publicly-traded corporation.

According to its website, the company offers 6 jack-up rigs for use by oil extraction companies through contracting. Spartan also provides workover and completion services in addition to well drilling. In 2014, the company announced that it had agreed to terms with Pemex to become a supplier to the large Mexican petroleum company. The company’s website states its intent to expand into the Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian markets.

Spartan Offshore Employment Safety

Just as with any company, it is the responsibility of Spartan Offshore to look after the safety of its employees. Working on an oil rig exposes workers to serious hazards. On these vessels, workers are put at risk from a variety of dangerous sources. As a result, oil rigs are at the top of lists that record America’s most dangerous workplaces.

Some recent incidents that threatened worker safety included:

  • In 2009, an offshore worker filed a lawsuit against Spartan Offshore after he sustained severe injuries on the job.
  • In 2017, Spartan settled with a former assistant driller for an undisclosed amount. The man suffered back injuries while working on the Spartan 208 jack-up rig.
  • In 2015, a welder accused Spartan Offshore of negligence after he injured his back on one of the company’s rigs. The worker claimed these injuries happened after he was ordered to lift a heavy air vent without assistance.

Common oil rig accidents include:

  • Crushing from unloading cargo and heavy equipment
  • Well blowouts, fires, and explosions
  • Blunt force trauma from swinging pipes, hoses, or cables
  • Disfigurement from machinery
  • Equipment failure caused by poor maintenance
  • Falls from high platforms, derricks, hoists, slippery stairways, deck hazards, and unguarded heights

Oil Rig Workers Must Be Protected

Spartan Offshore Accident Lawyers from Arnold & Itkin LLP.Accidents come from a culture of negligence, which is fostered by companies that failed to invest in worker safety. Our Spartan Offshore accident attorneys hold companies accountable to replace cultures of negligence with cultures of vigilance. Our history of victories helps us get results for our clients: oil companies often settle with our clients because they know facing us in court is a losing battle. That's why offshore workers call our firm.

When the crew of the Deepwater Horizon experienced one of the worst tragedies in the history of the oil industry, Arnold & Itkin was there to help. We represented nearly a third of the workers on the rig during the oil spill disaster. When the crew was denied what they needed for medical care, lost income, and more, we made sure they got it.

Working on an oil rig is inherently dangerous. Oil companies have an obligation to shield their workers from risk as much as possible. Employers are often vocal about valuing safety in the workplace, yet fail to adequately protect employees. When companies are negligent, they must be held accountable. This helps injured workers recover from the accident while protecting future workers from experiencing the same danger.

If you or a loved one has experienced a personal injury while working on an oil rig, our Spartan Offshore accident lawyers are ready to assist you. Call us today at (888) 346-5024.

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Arnold & Itkin represented nearly a third of the crewmembers injured in the Deepwater Horizon explosion.

I encountered professionalism, understanding, compassion… lot of compassion. They really felt for what me and my wife were going through.
~ Deepwater Horizon Crew Member

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