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Edison Chouest Offshore is one of the largest ship builders in the industry and serves a diverse set of maritime needs with its many operations. The company was founded by Edison Chouest in the 1960s. Originally the owner of a fleet of shrimp boats, Chouest bought a larger utility boat from the Humble Oil Company. From there, the company grew exponentially throughout the 1960s and 1970s by buying and restoring older vessels. Eventually, the company built its own shipyards to become a true powerhouse in the shipbuilding sector.

Today, Edison Chouest Offshore operates five shipyards across Louisiana, Florida Mississippi, and Brazil. The major services describe by Edison Chouest on its website consist of 4 major sections: vessels, port operations, shipyards, and subsea services. Understanding these different categories helps to understand the company’s position in the offshore industry.

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The company offers a wide variety of service and supply vessels. Vessels offered by the company include light construction vessels, a wide variety of supply vessels, oil spill response vessels, and tractor tugs. Notably, the company states that its vessels are used by a majority of deep water operations in United States Gulf region.


Edison Chouest Offshore positions itself as a leader in the industry due to its shipyards. The company states that its ability to control the ship building process makes them a reliable source for vessels.

The company’s shipyards and locations consist of the following:

  • North American Ship Building – Located in Larose, Louisiana and the company's first shipyard.
  • LaShip – The company’s largest shipyard. Located in Houma, Louisiana.
  • Gulf Ship – Located in Gulf Port, Mississippi.
  • Tampa Ship – This shipyard offers repair and refurbishment services in Tampa Bay, Florida.
  • Navship – Edison Chouest’s international shipyard located in Navegantes, Brazil.


With 6 port services, Edison Chouest Offshore serves the deep water industry with a variety of options for supply needs. The company claims that it is the leading supplier in the Gulf of Mexico and Brazil. Among other services, the company offers lube service, logistic services, dry docking, and tank cleaning at its ports.


Edison Chouest Offshore offers remotely-operated submersible vehicles for use by the offshore industry. These ROVs are used for well drilling, surveying, ship maintenance, mooring, and other applications.

Worker Safety

Companies like Edison Chouest Offshore are obligated to protect their employees. As a majority of the company’s work is accomplished on ships or in shipyards, the employees of Edison Chouest Offshore face a wide range of dangers. These hazards are brought about by the risks of working offshore and around the heavy equipment used to build, restore, and maintain boats.

Additionally, Edison Chouest provides extensive supply services to the various large deep water drilling sites throughout the Gulf of Mexico. These boats transport heavy loads of cargo that pose a threat to workers as they are unloaded and loaded between vessels.

Workers at Edison Chouest face these dangers:

Edison Chouest Offshore Accident History

Offshore injuries happen all the time. Most of these accidents are preventable through proper safety protocol, and in our experience, companies will know about a hazard long before it causes an injury. As a result, injuries from accident are directly related to a company’s failure to create or follow effective safety policies.

The following incidents have recently occurred on Edison Chouest Offshore vessels:

  • 2017 – The Chief Engineer on a company supply vessel filed a lawsuit because he suffered shoulder injuries while working alone, a violation of federal regulations.
  • 2010 – An Edison Chouest Offshore employee filed a lawsuit against the company. The plaintiff claimed that he was injured while lifting heavy buckets that should have been moved with mechanical assistance.
  • 2013 – Two Edison Chouest employees were kidnapped while operating a supply vessel off the coast of Nigeria. The captain of the vessel accused the company of negligence. He claimed that Edison Chouest did not take measures to protect his crew.
  • 2011 – A worker lost his hand while working on an Edison Chouest Offshore vessel. Arnold & Itkin represented this man as he sought to hold the company accountable for negligence.

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Edison Chouest Offshore Accident Lawyers from Arnold & Itkin LLP.Arnold & Itkin understands that large offshore companies face a massive challenge when it comes to mitigating hazards for all of those who work for them. However, this does not excuse them when their negligence causes injuries. Offshore companies must create a safe environment for workers, no matter how challenging it may be. Under the Jones Act, offshore workers are protected and entitled to compensation for injuries that result from negligence. Holding companies accountable helps bring recovery to those who have been injured and ensures that future workers will not be forced to endure the same misfortune.

The offshore injury lawyers at Arnold & Itkin are ready to help you begin your recovery. In fact, we have helped many injured offshore workers recover through verdicts and settlements that total billions of dollars. If you have been injured, we have the resources and experience to fight for the best possible results for you and your family.

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